F.R.I.E.N.D.S (The Reunion)

It is finally happening the FRIENDS Reunion is coming on May 27. Two decades passed, but this show remains in our hearts. You still connect with every episode to it. FRIENDS TV series is not about a 6 group of people, but it is more than that this is an emotion that people feel while watching the show and I feel watching the show. Friends is an American television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, proceed you want to feel laughter by just watching something this is the one show. Over 200 hundred episodes each episode you were feeling happy. Here is a story of six extremely highly delightful friends in their 20–30, trying to make their mark in the world. They live in Manhattan & enjoy what comes in their life. This show reinstates your faith in friendship.

Let’s talk about shows six characters you can’t choose one of these every character has different & every character seems to full of life. Here is my side of thinking what I feel about character possible you think different for the same character.

Rachel: — Daddy’s little spoiled kid, who left her future husband to alter to choose her journey to live her life’s conditions. She’s the most famous person in the entire friend cast.

Chandler Muriel Bing: — chandler who cracks a joke when he is uncomfortable. Friends most love character everyone on this planet love chandler. He can people laugh. Whose father is gay, and his mother is the sexiest writer. He does a job that makes money, but no one knows what he does.

Monika: — what to say about Monika I am not fond of Monika because I’m not a clean person at all on the other fist Monika is a total crack about cleaning. She loves to cook. She is the person who loves you hard. Her character grows through the seasons. She is there for you every time you need her.

Ross: — where should I start for Ross. He is an underrated actor of friends. He is a nerdy paleontologist. Not only that, but he falls in love with the wrong people. He married twice with the wrong people. But despite that, he still believes in love. I love his expression & his dialogue delivery like this “oh am I? Am I? Am I out of my mind? That is hilarious.

Phoebe: — she’s my favorite female character of friends. She has done everything crazy that happened in this world. She is the weirdest person but the most honest person ever. Phoebe knows I don’t know how many languages. Furthermore, she gives birth to triplets for his love for her brother. I love how state forward she was & tell people the truth on their face.

Joey: — We welcome Joey. There are chances many of you feel like chandler is the funniest character on friends. But for me, he is the one. He is a struggling actor. Joey loves to eat, He has finished the whole turkey in just one sitting. Joey does not share his food. He is a macho man. Girls fall for him effortlessly. He lives across the hall from Monika & Rachel but ends up eating every day in their house.

PS: — you can tell me about your favorite character of friends. It is just my point of view of the character. Maybe you like some other character more.

How I started my journey with this wonderful piece of the show: — This is all started last year when the pandemic hit the whole world, everyone stays in their home, bored & they had to know idea what to do. Everything close & I started my life with Netflix & chill. I started watching TVD (The Vampire diaries) & I also love that show. On the other hand, my sister is watching friends & I don’t know she laughed most of the time, and I’m like what she’s watching, & then she tells me you need to watch this show this shoe is beautiful, I already heard about the show & I’m like I’m not interested in funny shows, so I did not watch that time. Let’s say watching this show is in my destiny. One day she is watching one of the season6 episodes on TV I remember I watch it with her & keep smiling in the whole episode. I feel happy. That day something terrible happened with & one 21minet episode changes my aggregate mood. I decided to watch this.

It’s been a pleasant journey with friends. All I want to say now is, thank you. Thank you to all the characters, writers who write this show, directors of the show, who gave us a piece that I remember for a long time. Now when a FRIENDS reunion is happening I can’t keep it calm. I am excited for 27 May.



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